The Israeli Film Series returns in MAY with:

film and discussion
Sunday, May 12 at 2PM
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Join the Asheville JCC for the Israeli Film Series. Presenting a film and discussion.

"Shoelaces" tells the story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs son, whom he abandoned while he was still a young boy. Reuben's (60) kidney's are failing and his son Gadi (35), wants to donate one of his own kidney's to help save his father's life. However, the transplant committee objects to the procedure claiming that Rueben, acting as Gadi's sole legal guardian, does not have the right to authorize such an invasive procedure. Gadi, who recently lost his mother, is afraid of losing his father as well. He feels he finally has the chance to do something meaningful; to become a man and stand on his own. He's furious with the committee's decision and sets out to fight for his right to save his father's life. Through the film's portrayal of a relationship full of love, rejection and co-dependency, it manages to shed some light and question the importance of human life, human connection and if life is even possible without it either one of them.
English and Hebrew with English Subtitles
90 min.

Statement from Director Jacob Goldwasser:
"Shoelaces" is a special project for me.  As a father of a special needs son, I never felt that the depiction of special needs characters on film rang true.  However, when I saw Nevo Kimchi's work, I was dumbfounded.  He created a special needs character, who was human and real, filled with humor, optimism and charm."

The Israeli Film Series is a collaboration between Grail Moviehouse and the Asheville Jewish Community Center.  This series is designed to allow us to use film as our window into the minds and culture of Israel.  The 2nd Sunday of each month, a new Israeli film will be presented with a discussion to follow each film. The films have been selected to provide varying degrees and angles of perspective and insight.  We invite you to come explore with us.