Party Foul

Video Title: Party Foul

Release Date: June 3rd, 2014

Director: Ashton Helton

Description and Credits: “Party Foul” is the short story of a loner who unknowingly hosts a parasitic alien creature within his lung, which is ejected once he inhales smoke from a joint. This is the first experimental film that I have ever created. The film was finished when I was fifteen years old.

Directed and written by Ashton Helton
Starring Andrew Taylor
Edited and Scored by Jimmy Joe Funk
Music by Jimmy Joe Funk
Practical Effects by Sarah Kistner of Smiling Sighs FX
Cinematography by Christopher Bennett
Special Thanks to Brittany Becker

PopTech Presents: The Death of Mr. Hillsburgh

PopTech Presents: The Death of Mr. Hillsburgh
Directed by D. Forest Gamble and Isaiah Withers

Description and Credits: PopTech Theatre presents The Death of Mr. Hillsburgh: a drama beyond reckoning, a film beyond comprehension. Lost, confused, and in need of answers for the truth about the disappearance of his unknown father, Steven (with the help of his uptight, paranoid friend Jason) branches out not only into the dirty laundry of his father's past but also... the harsh truth of his death. In a town so small, how can so much chaos unravel?
© Haagen-Amadeus Inc.

Directed by D. Forest Gamble and Isaiah Withers

Written by D. Forest Gamble, Isaiah Withers, and Layne Pierce

Layne Pierce as Mr. Hillsburgh
D. Forest Gamble as Steven
Alejandro Figueroa as Jason 1
Nick Leon as Jason 2
Will Hardy as Jason 3
Margarito Martinez as Jason 4
Casey Brown as Jason 5
Isaiah Withers as Paul Bryant
Suzanne Thompson as Kathy Hillsburgh
Cory McAbee as The Detective
Shannon Bodeau as Sally the Shark
Caleb Hutcheson as Jefé the Shark
Alex Frank as Kaleman the Shark
Matthew Lee Fussell as Chompsky the Shark
Hunter Gomes as Jeff the Shark
Makennah Bristow as Daisy the Shark
Joe Gamble as Mr. Pierce's Double
Tom McLaurin as The Boss

Featuring music by:
Silicon Soldiers and Pink Pots




Directed by August Schaller

Description:  This is an experimental film that I made while taking film classes at AB-Tech. It was filmed on the college campus with equipment I received from the class. The actor is a friend of mine Keevian. The make-up is done by the very talented make-up artist, Abby Jennings. I was attempting to tell a narrative story but have it be in the background with experimental visuals being the focus. Thank you for watching!

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