Located right next door to the Grail at 45 South French Broad, the Asheville School of Film is focused on providing affordable short-term classes in various filmmaking subjects.  Their goal is to provide quality, concise information and experience for those either working in or towards a filmmaking career using real-world knowledge of filmmaking.  As a student of the Asheville School of Film, you will expand your film production interests and develop skills for the filmmaking industry, while working with Super 16, 35 mm film, and/or high grade (HD) digital equipment. 




Asheville Community Theatre has been delighting audiences with high quality performances and is the oldest continuously operating theatre in Asheville.  They provide entertainment, enrichment, and education through the practice and celebration of the theatre arts.

ACT is not only hosting our first screening, the 40th Anniversary celebration of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but they inspired the name, Grail Moviehouse.  It was an amazing performance of Spamalot that inspired us to find our "Grail"!  Thank you ACT!!


Mechanical Eye Microcinema is a mobile microcinema showing independent, experimental avant-garde, and documentary films and videos that otherwise may not be shown in Asheville.  They celebrate the subversive and creative possibilities of the moving image and support media makers to create new works of art.