Updates on the Grail

We've been working on many things at once during the past month.  Our architect Red House has been preparing the interior plans which should be submitted later this week.  In the meantime we've purchased our seats which we will be storing for the time being after another marathon trip to NY.  Our popcorn popper is also on the way, as are the sound systems for both screens.

We've begun talking with several local businesses and non-profits about potential partnerships to bring some amazing film events to Asheville, and many area filmmakers have shared their interest in what we are doing.  Hopefully they'll help us define what a Filmmaker's Playground is so we can build it.   

Things are starting to take shape at 45 South French Broad as evidenced by the evolution of our entrance:

The entrance gives us a nice little nook for our future box office:


Things will really start moving once we get the building permits for the interior.  We'll keep you posted.

Thank you to everyone for their encouragement and great ideas.  Keep them coming.  We're listening.